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Jiangsu King Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in producing a production of new single-cylinder diesel-diesel engine and diesel engine parts. Enterprise mainly produces 2-30 horsepower single-cylinder wind, water-cooling series diesel engine is the ideal power of the tractor, small Cultivator, small generators, motor tricycles, sprinkler units, pumps, marine linked to pulp, threshers and other farm machinery. The company produces diesel engines of various parts of more than 400 species, its main products are rocker arm assembly for starter shaft series, indicators, balance shaft, the flywheel nut, cam car series (air, water), non-standard fasteners known as "small pieces of the king," said perennial shares Changchai, golden wood, often fat, regular workers, often through Asia and the United States Ke Jiang quasi-momentum, Shifeng Group, Fu Chai Jinfei fish, Wuling. Dan Cai, Quanjiao more than 50 OEMs supporting. 
I produced King brand, "Chang Peng card", "Egret brand diesel engines are now sold throughout the country, and has established more than a dealer, and the products are exported to Southeast Asia, West Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States more than thirty countries. We sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to negotiate business and create a better future together.

Address: Jiangsu Province Jintan Golden West Industrial Park (Zhu Town) 
Post Code: 213 241 
Tel :0519-82,857,656 (sales) 
0519-82625609 (three packs) 
Fax :0519 -82,622,000 
Foreign Economic Section 519 -82,625,606 (telephone, fax) 
Web site: www.jsztjx.com 
E-mail: LXP_8685@163.com 
Mobile: (0) 13906147800 
Contact: Ge Jianping
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